ePet Health/Medical Records


ePetHealth gives you 24/7 access to your pet’s medical records and more.


     -Manage your pet’s health services online


     -View or schedule appointments


     -Access valuable pet health information, including videos and articles


     -Explore interactive pet education features



First time user? Follow these simple steps and get access to your pet’s medical records online!


1. Call our clinic at 318-325-6050 to verify that we have your current email address on file.


2. Follow the ePetHealth link above. Enter your email address and then select “first-time login.”


3. Check your inbox for an activation email.


4. Click the link in the email and complete the registration information to create your account (don’t forget to check the box agreeing to the Terms of Use).


5. Return to the login screen and enter your email address and newly created password into the Pet Owner Secure Login fields.


6. A welcome email is sent confirming successful registration with ePetHealth.